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You want to donate your spare cash to The Ranch Fund!

The Ranch Fund is a fund to help me purchase ranch. Ranch is one of the more expensive condiments, and I tend to like a little more on my food than most people, so it costs a lot to maintain my eating habits. So, if you have some spare money lying around and you don't know what to do with it, give it to me and I'll buy ranch with it!!

If you supply your name, I'll post it on the site (you'll be famous, or something).

Important Note: I will only use the money donated for purchasing ranch and ranch flavored products.

Top Donations
Get your name on the list today!

We broke the $30 mark today thanks to Lisa Paulson! It's been a while since there have been any donations, so this was a very nice surprise. Thanks Lisa!

While I appreciate all the donations from the people I know, I am very excited to announce the first major donation from a total stranger! The Ranch Fund received a $3.00 donation from Michael Skillestad. Thanks Michael! He says, "My sister Rachel is all about ranch as well.  She tries to incorporate it into as many things as she can.  It seems like any meal I eat with her she's always is suggesting for me to try ranch on it, “it” being whatever we are eating." Sounds like your sister has great taste!

The last donation of 2004 is from James. His generous contribution shoots us up to $24.00! With that, I splurged and instead of getting a packet of ranch seasoning, I got a whole canister of the stuff! (look in the spice isle).

Thanks to James and Jeremiah for their contributions!
Special Thanks to Jason for donating the most money and helping me to get that first two bottles of ranch!!
Be sure to visit his site at
Alex Martin donated $0.02, too bad Pay Pal took it all in service charges. :( Oh well, I'll still post the funds so we can hit the $14.00 mark.

What's that? You still got money left?

Then drop by Guy's site and share some with his great cause!

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