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Ranch In Iraq – 2741 viewsThanks to Gackman for sending us this photo from Iraq of some ranch in his body armor.
Ranch In Iraq – 2876 views"ranch stored securely in my body armor for easy transport and access" - Gackman
Plane Snacks – 2464 viewsWe got these ranch flavored crackers in the shape of airplanes on, you guessed it, the airplane! :)
Hoodoo Ranch – 2437 viewsHoodoo Ski Area in Oregon has some pretty good ranch and it came in neat little containers too. It reminded me of the Taco Time ranch. I think it's because there is a bit of a dill taste to it. Here it is with my fries and quesadilla.
The Ranch Restaurant – 2499 viewsFound this place somewhere in Southern Oregeon. We didn't have time to stop and eat, but I'll bet the ranch is great!
The Ranch Motel – 2538 viewsRight next to the Ranch Restaurant is the Ranch Motel! Too bad we were just driving by, I'll have to stay there some time.
Elegant Ranch – 2896 viewsJason took this ordinary bottle of ranch and turned it into something special. - photo by Jason
Ranch Nightmare – 2778 viewsThis is what ranch dreams about when it has sweets right before bed. - photo by Sam
Ranch on the River – 2819 viewsHere is some Hidden Valley enjoying some time by the river.
Normal American Ranch – 2880 viewsThat's some all American ranch right there, yee haw! - photo by gyefinger
Crown Ranch – 2877 viewsHere is some luxurious ranch from a recent photo contest. - photo by Sully
Cheese Fries and Ranch – 3118 viewsHere is some homemade ranch with some cheese fries. It's about 2 cups worth or ranch, and it is mighty tasty. I made this ranch last night with buttermilk and Best Foods mayo.

Ranch @ Work – 2735 viewsThis ranch was photographed at work. This is Dennis' lunch at his desk. He got some sort of sandwich, some fries and a pretty large side of ranch. The ranch was very tasty. I can't remember where he got it though

Northbank Ranch – 2720 viewsThis ranch is from a recent golf outing that several of us enjoyed. After playing golf, we headed over to the North Bank restaurant and had some beers and snacks. Pictured here is a large basket of Cajun Fries with a side of ranch. Of course, we had to ask for more ranch. - photo by Sam
Buddy's Ranch – 2889 viewsThis week, Jason, Dennis, Guy and I went out to lunch and tried Buddy's Diner. Jason took this shot of our waitress holding up the restaurant size container of ranch they used there. The food was very good, but the ranch was so-so. - photo by Jason

Sunset Strip Ranch – 2730 viewsHere is some more work/vacation ranch. This was from a work trip Guy and I went on to Los Angeles. This ranch is at Mel's Drive In on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Those are curly fries on the right, and that's Guy's hand in the middle. The ranch was good.

More Nashville ranch – 2718 viewsHere is another meal from my trip to Nashville. I can't remember what they called these, but we had them at a bar\arcade that was at the mall near where we stayed. This was a rather interesting dish. It is potato chips (made fresh) with melted cheese and green onions. They were pretty good, but a bit crunchier than I expected. I normally use a sour cream based ranch (dip) for potato chips and these were served with a milk based ranch (dressing) which may be why I didn't enjoy them as much.
Nashville ranch – 2683 viewsThis ranch was from a work trip to Nashville, TN last year. It was a week long trip, and the company threw several parties during the week. At this one, there were several rooms with buffet style snack tables. The ranch was very good, I had it with those poppers on the same plate.
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