Ranch History

Welcome to Planet Ranch!  My personal tribute to the world’s best condiment, ranch dressing. Below you will find posts about the history of ranch as well as ranch making history!

The Story of Hidden Valley

It all began at the Hidden Valley Guest ranch outside of Santa Barbara, CA, around 1954. The owner of the ranch created this unique salad dressing, and the guests loved it, so they started selling it.  Since then, this dressing has increased dramatically in popularity, and dozens of competing companies have created their own versions and variations.  You can read the full story here:  https://www.hiddenvalley.com/about-us/our-story/

The Story of Planet Ranch

This site was created on May 16, 2002. It started as a bit of a joke in our workplace cafeteria.  I love ranch, and my friend David commented on how I had ranch with just about everything, but that all the other food was really just a “conduit for ranch dressing”, as it was the center focus of the plate. He and my other friends joked that I should have a web page dedicated to my “ranch addiction”, and I wanted to try my hand at web design anyway, so this joke turned into a challenge to see what I could build.

The original name we came up with was “ranchman.com”, but that was already taken by some guy who sells ranches. Eventually we came up with Planet Ranch as a name, and my friend Jason helped me design a logo. My other friends also contributed ideas and inspiration, and I eventually got the site online.

The original site was all just raw html, and it was a pain to keep up. I lost interest after a while, but eventually decided to see if I could move it to WordPress for easier upkeep, and here we are.  The original site can still be found here, if you are interested: http://planetranch.com/home.htm

Ranch on the South Pole

This has to be a historic event, right? My friend neogeek got me this great video of ranch dressing sitting ON the South Pole! He has a friend that works in Antarctica at the South Pole Station and asked him to get me a picture. Instead of just taking a picture though, he recorded a short video of the bottle sitting on the actual pole. Ranch isn’t available at the stations, but there was a guy down there that brought his own for himself and was nice enough to lend it to the cause. “I guess he really liked ranch”, Jon said. Thanks to everyone involved in getting me this video!

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